Veronica sublobata (false ivy-leaved speedwell)

veronica sublobata

In mild regions, Veronica sublobata can show its light blue or white flowers from the end of February until May. The shoots of this annual plant can reach a length of up to 50 centimetres.

false ivy leaved speedwell
Veronica sublobata and Lamium purpureum (red dead-nettle)

The original distribution area is in Europe, but false ivy-leaved speedwell is also found as an introduced species in some North American regions (source). It can be seen in fields, forests, in front of bushes and hedges, along roadsides and in gardens.

veronica sublobata leaves
The leaves of Veronica sublobata.

Veronica sublobata looks similar to Veronica hederifolia, but differs from this species by its longer fruiting stems.

veronica sublobata by the wayside.
Veronica sublobata by the wayside.
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