Hippuris vulgaris (mare’s-tail)

mares tail hippuris vulgaris

Hippuris vulgaris can grow under and above water and lives on the edge of or in ponds, lakes, streams or rivers. The shoots of this deciduous plant can be up to 30 centimetres long. It spreads by seed and creeping rhizomes.

Hippuris vulgaris in late summer
Hippuris vulgaris in late summer.

It can be grown in beds if the soil is evenly moist to wet. However, it requires much less maintenance in the shallow water zone of a garden pond. It is also suitable for planting in large containers and tubs.

submerged growing hippuris vulgaris
Submerged growing Hippuris vulgaris.

If Hippuris vulgaris is to be grown in a tub or container, a loamy or muddy soil should be used. Substrates rich in humus or peat will rot if constantly covered with water.

hippuris vulgaris in a mortar tub
Hippuris vulgaris in a mortar tub.

Mare’s-tail can be grown in full sun to partial shade. Frost tolerance is about -18°C.

Withered stems can be cut off in spring.

If the tub or container freezes for a while in winter, Hippuris vulgaris will not suffer. However, most containers cannot cope with the expanding ice and will burst.

hippuris vulgaris in a pond
Hippuris vulgaris in a pond.
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